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We don’t make you feel special – we only remind that you already are!

At Bush Boston Cleaners we would like to bring luxury to your doorstep. Avail the best of our unparalleled and custom quality dry cleaning and clothing care services with our unique Platinum Plan. We delegate a dedicated team towards your services. They render personal attention to each and every garment that belongs to you. Yes, we do love to make you feel special in every way we can!

The plan is accompanied by a Platinum card that can be placed inside your Express Bag. Hence, this lets us know that each garment needs a special attention.

The Platinum plan includes:

  • Individual attention to each garment
  • Hand cleaning of each fabric assuring stain removal and fabric restoration
  • Hand finishing assuring eradication of wrinkles
  • Exclusive Platinum Service packaging assuring garment protection
  • Complimentary stain guard protection for ties
  • Complimentary water repel on outerwear
  • Cost effective minor alterations

Spoiling you for choices? We love to do it all the time!

Reach out to us to know more on how we can get started. We are just a call away.

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If you are not at home, your drop off/pick up location must be accessible by our delivery personnel. If our delivery staff is not provided access to a proper drop off/pick up area and unable to pick up/drop off your items on our first attempt, we ask you to visit the closest store to drop off/pick up your items.
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