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Customized Tailoring and alterations – backed by expert attention!

That dress you swore by, in dire need of attention? Or is that shirt you have too many memories tied up with, asking for a revamp? Maybe your son could after all wear his favorite baseball vest yet again with a little touch? Better still, your little girl would look lovely in that purple dress you bought her but which lost its magic in that un-eventful birthday party!!! Wow- imagine if our clothes could get talking, we might just have a situation. Trust us when we say, we can bring them to life again with our exceptional tailoring and alteration services.

Offering a plethora of the best tailoring and alterations services around greater Boston, we have just the right team to bring your favorite clothes back into your wardrobe.

Our tailoring services include:

  • Sow tears, Rips, Pulls
  • Shorten/Lengthen Hems and Sleeves
  • Take In/Let Out Seams and Waists
  • Sow on Buttons, Patches and Emblems
  • Reline Garments
  • Offer Invisible Re-weaving
  • Replace Zippers-All Styles
  • Specialize in working on Leather and Suede
  • Provide Most Alteration Requests

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